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The arrival of your baby is one of life’s most memorable experiences. We work hard to ensure that the birth of your baby is everything you hope it will be.

What to Expect

When you arrive at our hospital we will admit you to one of our private labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum (LDRP) suites. In these special suites, you and your coach will have the privacy to create your own personal birthing experience. Because the LDRP suites are equipped with a special birthing bed, you can deliver your baby right there without moving to another room. There is also a comfortable chair that folds down to a bed for your guest and a bassinet for your baby.

For further information, contact us at 760-241-8000

With a soothing home decor, our LDRP suites are fully equipped with modern equipment for safety and medical management. With our nurses certified in neonatal resuscitation you can rest assured knowing that your new baby is in safe hands. We also feature an infant security system for extra protection and peace of mind.

After Delivery

Provided there are no complications, you and your coach will share personal bonding time with your newborn. Your baby will remain in your room with you. Your coach is welcome to stay as well. While you are recovering and enjoying your new baby, nurses will teach you how to feed, bathe and diaper your baby. A lactation specialist will be available to assist you with your infant feeding needs. You can also call her after you have been discharged for a follow-up visit or to answer any questions.

Pre-registration and Insurance Verification

Pre-registration means you and your coach can concentrate on having your baby when you arrive in labor, and not be distracted by the admission process. During your pregnancy, simply come to the hospital Admitting Office between 5:00am and 8:00pm, Monday through Friday. We will verify insurance, let you know what your deductible will be and make sure we have all the necessary information.

Multilingual assistance is available.

Additional Services

Because a healthy mother is more likely to deliver a healthy baby, we offer childbirth classes to help you prepare for your special experience. These classes include instruction in:

  • Comfort measures for pregnancy and labor
  • Warning signs and symptoms
  • What to expect during labor
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum and newborn care

Meet our new provider Dr. Carlo Garibaldi

Carlo-Garibaldi-DO - Desert Valley Hospital

Dr. Carlo Garibaldi, DO is a board-certified OB/GYN specialist from Riverside, California.

He received his medical degree from Western University of Health in 2003 and went on to complete his fellowship at Arrowhead Regional Medical.

Dr. Garibaldi finds that his favorite part about being a provider is genuinely connecting with his patients and their families while helping them grow one baby at a time!

Dr. Garibaldi will work alongside Dr. Zand in the OB/GYN department.

For more information please call member services at 760-381-8083.

To sign up or for more information on classes call 760-241-8000 x8100.

To increase your comfort and familiarity with our hospital, you are invited to our Maternity Tour held regularly. We recommend taking the tour at least a month or two prior to your due date.

For more information on tours, or to make a reservation, please call 760-241-8000 x8100 today.

A Gift for you and your Baby

After your delivery, you will receive:

  • A diaper bag
  • An infant tee shirt
  • A complimentary birth certificate
  • Baby’s first photos, which can be ordered separately and/or posted on the internet