The Innova IGS angiography system is one of the most effective and comfortable  for the patients devices in modern cardiac medicine.  It is used for diagnostics, as well as intervention, of diseases of capillary tubes, veins, vessels, and arteries.

The major benefits of this imaging system include, but not limited to: high informativeness of the system; possibility to perform diagnostics of diseases with no need for surgical intervention; the convenience of use, practicality, and multifunctionality; the procedure is performed faster; elimination of high radiation exposure; a clearer and high definition picture with good image quality.  The jewel of this system is the ability to do a 3D spin of the x-ray tube around the patient.  This allows a complete picture of patient’s anatomy in one pass.  Part of the catheterization suite includes the ability to reconstruct images into a 3D representation of the patient’s anatomy.

The new room and state-of-the-art equipment will allow us to better serve our community.